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Data Center HVAC Installation and Replacement

Data centers pose unique difficulties when it comes to keeping the servers cool enough to function at their maximum capacity. The levels of heat that are generated by servers are astounding, and it can be difficult for a system to keep up. We excel at being able to optimize the cooling capacity of your system so that you get the best performance out of your servers.

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Cooling Solutions for Denver Data Centers

Data centers experience two primary types of cooling needs: overall cooling capacity and additional spot cooling solutions. While traditional HVAC systems are necessary for data centers so that anyone who works on-site experiences comfort, they do not have the strength to tackle the amount and temperature of the heat produced by computer servers.

Spot solutions help remove the heat output from a server room, cooling the temperature so that your data center can perform at its best. Our technicians walk you through the best spot solutions for you, while keeping in mind factors like temperature control, ductwork, humidity levels, location, and power requirements.

Types of Data Center Cooling

There are an array of types of cooling that are specific for data centers, given their prominence in recent life. Our system configurations each have their particular strengths, so you should let our expert technicians do an examination of your data center before making recommendations. We use the following types of cooling systems:

  • Air cooled system
  • Air cooled self-contained system
  • Glycol cooled system
  • Water cooled system
  • Chilled water system

Each of these can be floor or ceiling mounted, depending on which is the best option for your space.

Competitive Pricing on Data Center Cooling

Because we’re part of the nationwide MetroTech organization, we can offer our clients the benefits of our buying power. We’re able to buy HVAC systems at a discounted rate because we can do so in bulk through our parent organization, which is not always the case with smaller companies. These savings are passed on to you, our customers.

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