Our Commitment to Safety

At MetroTech, safety is priority number one in everything we do. Not just because it affects our employees, but because we have a responsibility for everyone in your building. This is why we have designed a Safety First program that goes beyond training sessions to emphasize and measure safety awareness as part of our daily routine, so much that it’s ingrained as a primary component in how we do business.


  • Comprehensive Training Program. Before they can work in the field, all MetroTech technicians go through rigorous safety training that goes beyond just the standard facility requirements.  This includes training on equipment and vehicle safety, fall preventions, ergonomics, and prevention of hand injuries and hearing loss.
  • Safety Refresher Courses. After their initial training certification, all techs need to annually re-certify within the safety program in order to continue to service client equipment.  This ensures that everyone is caught up on the latest techniques and protocols.
  • Safety First Team. To emphasize its commitment to safety, MetroTech has structured its own safety committee comprised of associates from across the organization with a mission to provide the highest level of safety for our employees and customers.  Going beyond customer and OSHA requirements, areas of emphasis include random site visits, incident reviews, and safety awareness promotions.


In Action

An example of a MetroTech technician proactively recognizing a safety enhancement and getting it done.

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