HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Did you know that most HVAC service emergencies and their resulting operating losses could have been avoided?

With a regular preventive maintenance program, the risk of a costly breakdown has been reported to be reduced by as much as 95%. At MetroTech, we take pride in hitting that mark by structuring effective preventive maintenance programs to minimize HVAC disruptions and identify potential issues at your locations before they become more expensive failures.

Benefits of a regular HVAC PM program will mean…

  • Saving money. With a regular preventive maintenance program, your locations will enjoy higher equipment uptimes, reduce your energy usage and extend the life of your HVAC systems, all of which will positively impact your bottom-line.
  • Improving air quality. According to a report from the EPA, indoor levels of air pollutants may be 2-5 times higher than what are found outdoors. Not good for employees or customers with respiratory issues. With regular maintenance, you are assured that the air ducts from which the hot and cool air that your customers and employees breathe is as clean and well-filtered as possible. And you’re also being environmentally-friendly, as a regularly maintained HVAC system also uses much less fuel and energy.
  • Maximizing comfort. A well-run, maintained HVAC system means your locations will enjoy consistent and even air flows through out the year at the appropriate temperatures, ensuring maximum comfort levels for your employees and customers.  It also means that your employees and customers are much less likely to be disrupted by noises or bad smells that result from an HVAC system that hasn’t been well-maintained.
  • Peace of mind. Last thing you need is hearing about one of your locations having a prolonged disruption in service due to an HVAC outage resulting from equipment failure.  With a regular PM program in place, you can rest assured that you’ve taken all of the steps to greatly reduce the likelihood of one of your locations being disrupted.

Why choose MetroTech for your HVAC preventive maintenance program?

  • We do it your way. Since there is no one-size-fits-all PM program, we work with you to customize and tailor an HVAC maintenance program that fits your specific needs for your business and down to your individual locations, as we know that some locations require more maintenance than others.
  • We’re smart about it.  With consistent and customizable data available for all of your locations, we have the intelligence to structure the most optimal preventive maintenance program for you.  This also allows you to build comprehensive equipment lists, analyze spending trends, and better allocate future capital projects, ultimately enabling you to be more efficient with your capital spend and keep your locations comfortable for your employees and customers.
  • HVAC is all that we do. For over 30 years, we’ve been all about HVAC and have been dedicated to being the absolute best HVAC solutions provider for our customers, who rely on us to have their back when it comes to maintaining maximum comfort for their locations.  When you partner with MetroTech, you know that is our singular focus – to maximize your equipment uptime and ultimately, help you reap operating and capital efficiencies.
  • We own it.  At MetroTech, we employ our own technicians in our own trucks and don’t rely on independent sub-contractors. Our team of over 275 self-performing technicians specializes in HVAC systems from all leading manufactures and are located in your local communities from coast-to-coast providing national scale with a local touch.

Let us work with you to design a program that fits your budget and your equipment requirements to reduce breakdowns and energy consumption as well as extend the life of the equipment. So whether you already have your scope of preventive maintenance work, or need us to make recommendations, we have you covered.

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