While a strong preventive HVAC maintenance program will greatly reduce the likelihood of an HVAC failure or emergency, we all know that equipment and components can unexpectedly stop performing.

In those situations, time is literally money, which is why MetroTech has you covered from coast to coast. Utilizing our 24×7 year-round service center, our HVAC support associates are poised to expertly and rapidly triage and then dispatch one of our local certified HVAC technicians to get repairs started in less than four hours – guaranteed. Bottom line: Our singular and urgent focus is on getting your location back to being comfortable ASAP.

Why rely on MetroTech for your emergency repairs?

  • Data-driven: As part of our customer family, your current equipment is tracked along with your spend data, providing key inputs for better diagnosing break-fix repairs, understanding the root causes, and customizing your own preventive-maintenance program to greatly reduce those frequent and common repairs.
  • Service-call Triaging: With MetroTech’s team of knowledgeable dispatchers and managers, your service calls are triaged with a solid understanding of your equipment, enabling a faster response time and more effective repair, often within hours.
  • National Scale, Local Touch: As a single-source HVAC service provider, we pride ourselves on employing a nationwide team of local, self-performing technicians with decades of experience across every major HVAC manufacturer and model. If your equipment isn’t working or is making sounds that just aren’t right, our technicians are always on call to quickly repair or replace the faulty component or equipment in order to get your system back to operating effectively and keeping your customers feeling comfortable.

While we get your HVAC system back up and running comfortably, you can also count on us to be very transparent as the repair progresses, with our service center in constant communication with you to communicate status and inform you about additional work if needed. At the same time, our technicians follow the appropriate check-in and check-out procedures to ensure the least amount of disruption to your operations as possible. On an ongoing basis, you also have access to customized reporting on metrics such as:

  • Total Spend Per Location
  • Spend Analysis by Location, Unit, Invoice, Transaction Type
  • Asset Management Lists: Age, Type, Spend, Brand
  • Proactive Unit Replacement/Emergency Spend Analysis
  • Service Call Intervals Between PMs

And since MetroTech employs our own technicians with our own trucks, we set higher standards for ourselves, measuring performance based on work order dispatch confirmation, check-in compliance, on-time arrival, and first-time completion. Training is also a priority, with all associates participating in ongoing training sessions, which has allowed us to consistently score high with online third-party HVAC scorecards for companies such as ServiceChannel and many others.

Why choose MetroTech for your emergency HVAC service  needs?

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