HVAC Site Surveys & Assessments

HVAC Site Surveys & Assessments

Smart facility managers can’t take anything for granted when it comes to their current or new commercial locations. From helping you understand the state of your current HVAC system to offering advice on how to properly start up a new location, trained MetroTech technicians are readily available to inspect your locations and provide detailed feedback on your current HVAC setup, as well as to provide recommendations for optimizations, new construction, or remodels.

With a MetroTech Site Survey, you can feel confident that the right capital replacement plan and budget will be developed for your business. This is especially useful when acquiring new sites, as this information is critical for proactively driving down costs/repairs and for possibly replacing units after taking ownership of the new location.

With a MetroTech site survey, you receive …  

  • A complete audit of your current HVAC equipment, including age and conditional assessment and covering all major components.
  • A comprehensive setup report detailing a recommended HVAC system design, with specified equipment and components identified for each location to deliver the necessary system performance and energy efficiency.
  • Confidence that your new or remodeled design accurately reflects exactly what is needed to provide the most optimal heating and cooling environment both for your customers and for your bottom line.

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